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The hair serum for men and women that transforms hair loss into hair growth


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Esthecin: a product of love

Esthecin was developed to combat the hair loss suffered by Dr van Montfort’s daughter, who couldn’t find any kind of remedy for improving her hair growth. So Dr van Montfort decided to formulate one himself. After investigating the dynamics of hair, he examined the possible causes of hair loss. He then developed a serum that supports the natural recovery of the hair growth cycle and blocks the effect of the male hormone on hair follicles.

Esthecin 3-month pack

From hair loss to hair growth

Hairs grow in a cycle from the same follicles, with the loss of 50 -100 hairs per day being normal. A number of factors can influence healthy hair growth, including stress, medication, hormones and genetics. Hair loss can most often be attributed to the male hormone and is then known as androgenic hair loss or alopecia. As a result of this, hairs stall in the so-called resting phase and no longer have the strength to grow. The speed at which this happens and the age at which it starts both vary.

Renewed confidence thanks to Esthecin

This makes perfect sense, because hair is important to people. It makes women feel feminine, attractive and proud. And when it comes to men, being bald can affect confidence and their sense of masculinity. Dr van Montfort is convinced that Esthecin improves peoples’ confidence. Just like it did his daughter’s!

Formulation of Esthecin

The severity of hair loss is determined by hereditary factors, hormone levels, lifestyle factors such as nutrition, the effects of toxins like tobacco, our metabolism and oxidation caused by excessive exposure to sunlight. So that it can impact these factors, Esthecin contains a combination of natural ingredients that are fully plant-based. Each ingredient plays a different role in supporting the natural hair growth cycle.

Also, an innovative liposome technology has been developed for Esthecin. It ensures that the active ingredients are actually absorbed by the follicle cells.

The below animation demonstrates how this works:

It works!

Esthecin has been tested on groups of both men and women affected by androgenic hair loss. All these people were satisfied with the results. They displayed an improvement in hair quality and their hairlines moved forward. This was noted among the men as well as the women. And no side effects were observed. Today, many satisfied customers use Esthecin and the serum is available at high-end hairdressers and beauty salons.

Click here to read the opinion of the Nederlandse Haarstichting (Netherlands Hair Foundation).

Making people happy

We’ve seen the unhappiness caused by hair loss. This applies to hair loss suffered by men as well as women. Dr van Montfort wants to add happiness to the lives of as many people as possible by giving them beautiful and full heads of hair. Esthecin can make a difference. It is a serum that nourishes the roots and follicles, which can improve hair quality. However, this depends on the feasibility of the follicles.

How do I use Esthecin?

Esthecin should be rubbed into the scalp just twice a week. It soaks in after a few minutes, leaving virtually no residue. Hair grows slowly, so the effects of Esthecin can only be evaluated after 2 to 4 months. So, if you too would like greater volume and the best possible hair quality, stick to the instructions and make sure that you persist for long enough!

For further instructions, see the directions for use

This is the opinion of the Nederlandse Haarstichting (Netherlands Hair Foundation)

What our users say

This is a truly impressive product. I’m the oldest I’ve ever been today, yet I’ve never had such lovely long hair as I have today… Marianne

Esthecin really works for androgenetic alopecia. After using it for 3-5 months, I noticed that my hair was stronger as well as thicker. You have to be patient, but it really does work.

I’ve actually tried various different products over the years. Three months after starting Esthecin, I hadn’t seen any results and ordered a second pack. Today, after 4 months, I looked in the mirror in my hotel room. In the bright light, I saw downy hairs over my temples. I can’t believe that it really works. It’s incredible and I’m genuinely happy now. Thank you!

Last year, I donated my wig to the Hair Foundation. And now, thanks to the serum, I don’t need it anyway.

This got me really excited and I’ve been using it for 3 months. As a result, I have a lot of new hair growth. It’s just starting, but it’s there. My hairline has also moved forward and there are new hairs over my temples where I haven’t had hair for years. Super!

I’ve been using Esthecin for just 3 months and there are already lots of new hairs on my head. I’m really satisfied so far and can’t wait to see the results in the upcoming months.

The benefits of Esthecin

  • For both men and women

    Ideal for transforming hair loss among men and women into hair growth

  • Based on natural ingredients

    Formula that only uses top-quality ingredients

  • Invisible

    Quickly absorbed by the scalp

  • Developed according to the latest scientific insights

    Innovated in the Netherlands, made in Switzerland

  • Easy to use

    Applied in just a few minutes

  • Suitable for all hair types

    Suits all hair types, -colours and -textures

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