Order status

Our delivery partner GLS can provide you with information on the current status of your order at any time. Check the location of your parcel using your 14-digit parcel tracking code (no spaces) and your postcode. Click here to request the Track & Trace information associated with your order.

Delivery options

Flexible delivery:

GLS will keep you updated by email about the imminent delivery of your parcel. You can actively modify your delivery by choosing one of the delivery options by clicking on a link in this email. This service applies to domestic parcel deliveries and to deliveries between 15 European countries.

Delivery options – available to choose before your parcel is dispatched

  • Delivery to the same address on a certain date within a specific three-hour window
  • Collection from a GLS Parcel Shop
  • Collection from a GLS depot
  • Refuse delivery

The process in detail

 Step 1: Information at the start of dispatch

Having received an order, the sender will prepare the parcel and forward the appropriate details to GLS via the dispatch system. These details include the email address of the parcel recipient. The sender will also specify that the address in question is residential, which activates flexible delivery options for the parcel. GLS will then email the recipient about the imminent dispatch of the parcel. The recipient can subsequently determine whether they can receive the parcel in person.

The email contains a link that will redirect the recipient straight to the parcel delivery options on the GLS website. The system will identify the parcel and confirm the identity of the recipient in question, who can immediately select an option without registering or logging in.

Step 2: Choice of delivery options with detailed information

On the website, the recipient will find a list of available alternative delivery dates, including information about the three-hour windows that apply to the days in question. By using an accessible search function, the recipient will also be able to select a GLS Parcel Shop that can, for instance, be visited on the way home from work. The recipient could also choose to collect the parcel from the GLS depot responsible for delivery.

Step 3: Recipient kept informed until delivery

GLS will keep the recipient informed, even after delivery. GLS will, for example, notify the recipient when the parcel has been delivered to the selected GLS Parcel Shop.


The Flex Delivery Service is available for domestic parcel deliveries. It is also available for international deliveries to and from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Hungary, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain and Czech Republic.


Senders must meet just a few requirements for GLS to handle their parcel deliveries.

Recipients consent to the forwarding of their email addresses in the terms and conditions or during the order process.

When will I receive my order?

Delivery time is an important part of ordering. That’s why we’re showing you how long delivery takes even before you order. In most cases, deliveries will arrive on the next working day. If your delivery address is outside the Netherlands or Belgium, your order will take somewhat longer to arrive. This table will give you a good idea of how long your order will take:

Germany, Luxembourg
Other EU countries, Norway,
Other European countries

Delivery time
See website
See website
See website

Added delivery time
+ 2 to 3 working days
+ 3 to 4 working days
+ 7 to 9 working days

Our delivery colleagues will do their very best to stick to the promised delivery time. If unforeseen circumstances make this impossible, we will inform you.