Our goal

As a technologically innovative laboratory, Van Montfort Laboratories aims to help people affected by hair loss through the use of the hair serum it has developed. Our website contains detailed information on how users should apply the product for optimum effect.

In conjunction with professionals

Professionals, including doctors, beauty therapists and hairdressers often ask us for in-depth information such as research data, technical explanations on the product’s effects and scientific literature on hair loss for the purpose of background information.

These professionals wish to use this information to closely examine the performance of the product before introducing the hair serum to their clients.

We support our professionals in a number of ways. For example, we regularly present workshops at various countrywide locations that can be attended free of charge by professionals. In addition, professionals receive login credentials for access to the ‘Professional’ section of the website, where we present information on Esthecin in much more detail, including e.g. research results and before-and-after images. A range of demo videos can also be found here, so that professionals can provide their clients with clear instructions on using the product.


We promote the professional use of our hair serum and are eager to collaborate with professionals. However, it is important to us that professionals operate in the Beauty or Medical sectors.

We have a straightforward logistics system, i.e. you purchase the product and sell on the hair serum to end-users. As a professional, you can simply sign into your private account and order via our website, available on a 24/7 basis. There is no minimum order for professionals and you can order as little as 1 pack!

Apart from certain exceptions, orders can be delivered within 24 hours on working days and Saturdays.

Collaborate with us

If you’re a medical-, hairdressing- or beauty professional, please sign up by entering your details below and attaching a digital copy of either your BIG registration or your Chamber of Commerce registration. Once we’ve verified your details, you’ll receive an email containing more detailed user instructions and your terms and conditions as a professional.

Sign up as a professional now and support us in our quest to help people affected by hair loss.

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